Jon Horner Relaxes with Pepper

There's a lot to take in with Jon Horner's Relax with Pepper design, he's certainly no stranger to intricate detail in his work (Where actually is Penny though?). We thought it would be a good idea to ask Jon to elaborate on a couple of his favourites from his Club Band of classic graphics. Thank you Jon for taking the time and of course for penning it in the first place. It's one of our favourite things we've ever done. Get reading below now then grab yourself a tee or longsleeve!


Accidental Gun Death
Peak Marc McKee, maybe the best graphic of its era? It's definitely in the mix, and that was a pretty incredible era for board graphics. The idea and execution are both so good, skateboards are a weird shape for art so it's not all that common to see an image that fits the canvas so perfectly. Plus it's a nice touch that it was a Guy Mariano board since he was barely older than these kids at the time.
Jason Lee Dodo
It's another McKee with an honourable art credit mention for VCJ who did the original Powell graphics that this series was merking. Powell put out an ad making fun of upstart small companies that had some incredible fits - the speed glasses! The shorts! Barbee's sweat patch! Then Rocco and Blind put out this series and the 'Dear George' ad and it was game over.
Blender Coffee Time
It's just a classic isn't it? Neil Blender rules. Best skate artist ever? Best skater ever?
Lettus Bee
Andy Jenkins draws skaters skating better than anyone else I can think of, so much movement and energy. You don't just look at his drawings, you can hear them...
Sheffey Troll
This was a last minute addition, originally Charles Manson from Sean Cliver's Charlie Manson Brown graphic was in there. That's another of my favourite graphics ever, by one of the best in the biz. Mackey wasn't entirely stoked with the idea of having a cult leading, race-baiting madman on one of his shop tees and I think that's understandable, especially shorn of the context of the Peanuts gang. Plus there's a link to the original Sarge album with this situation - Peter Blake had made cut outs of Hitler and Gandhi on John Lennon's suggestion but neither made the final shot.


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