Lost Art Soundsystem - Blog Mix:001

Lost Art Soundsystem members Will Kynaston and Charlie Lowe have been on a tear lately spinning tunes at a wide range of nights all over the city. We decided to get them to produce a few mix's for your enjoyment and to keep you going if you're working/not working from home!
"How are we people, Ollie recently asking us if we fancied writing a few words now and again on here as well as uploading some new mix's, so here we have a little 47 minute session from the other night.

A little selection of tunes what we’ve been into lately, starting off with some chilled ones and progressing into some heavier stuff.

We’ve recently launched our night “Crackle” with our mate Harry Goulbourn, this was discussed several times in peoples kitchens at 3am when we were both a good few ales in but after a little chat we got together a good selection of local DJs and launched the night in December at the boss venue that is Meraki. The launch went well and was chocker till close, so we decided on another one this time in North Shore Troubadour round the corner. 
You can listen back to a promo mix we did for the launch night on our Soundcloud page if anyone wants to get an idea of the stuff we play when we get slightly heavier than usual.

Anyway, enough chatting on, Hope you enjoy the mix, nice one"

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