Lost Art x Spit and Sawdust - 'You are Cordially Invited'

In the depths of the earlier part of this year two cars from Liverpool and one from London carried a Lost Art cohort to Spit and Sawdust skatepark in Cardiff. We were cordially invited to spend the weekend in Cardiff for a bit of skateboarding, eating some top notch food, sinking a few beers and hanging out with some of the best Cardiff (and Bristol) had to offer. Big shout out to Christian for inviting us down and looking after us!!

Hit the play button below for our account of the time spent at the park and then keep scrolling for a short interview with Christian about the park and his 'You are Cordially Invited' idea.


Q1 - Yes Fella! Can you introduce yourself for those un initiated in Welsh legends?

Haha not sure what's less accurate, the 'Welsh' or 'legend'?! My name is Christian Hart, co founder of Spit and Sawdust.

Q2 - So lets just dive straight in! When did you open the park and what was the motivation?

We opened the doors at Spit and Sawdust coming up 5 years ago in April, though with all the planning it's more like 6. Cardiff was lacking an indoor skatepark, had been for 10 years, but we wanted to provide a space that reaches out to a wider community and do things in a slightly different way.

Q3 - What is 'You are cordially invited' and how did it come about?

'You're cordially invited' came about really from wanting to support teams/shops that have been putting in the graft for years, a kind of thank you for keeping it core... with booze & food chucked in for good measure. Have a lock in, skate, eat and drink on us, cheers

Q4 - We arn’t the first to be invited though right? Who has been involved so far?

Lost Art/Useless Wooden Toy Society are the 3rd we've invited. Cardiff based rollerblading brand 'Blade' were the first a few years back, we wanted to reach out to the now seemingly 'underground' wheeled activity, second were the almighty Fifty-Fifty, Bristol. No intro necessary. Then we have Liverpool...again...unless you've been living inside a rock, under another rock... on the moon, no introductions needed

Q5 - Whats the best thing about being able to invite people to your park this way?

It's tough out there!...no matter what you're doing! And after being immersed in the UK skateboarding scene for 1/4 century it's great to be part of a grass roots organisation, willing to open it's doors to those putting tonnes of hard work into a scene, plus some of these I've personally looked up to since the 90's, what can be better than that haha

Q6 - Who’s been your favourite to watch that has come through to skate the park? Who are the locals that skate the park regularly?

Like any indoor space, loads come, loads rip...loads quit! There's plenty new/young faces coming through all the time, as well as an explosion of girl/women skateboarders thanks to Prom Queen Social Club which runs once per month. Too many big hitters to name, Sam Pulley, Jake Collins, Dylan Hughes, Chav Dan, Ethan, PJ, Lloyd Houston, Habgood, everyone hits the park in their own style...but then there's Big MD!!! Matt Davies is a machine. Unreal.

Q7 - So what would be your favourite obstacle to skate at the park?

Haha, erm, there's actually a sunken curb that's fun in the carpark, all overgrown at mo but it makes a weird banked curb, and the rough 1' high bank out by the gates...but inside has to be the slappy curbs, bank to wall or raised driveway in centre. 

Q8 - The way the park skates its really good and pretty unique to most parks we’ve skated, has there been anything you’ve built, thought would work and just didn’t? 

When we first designed the park we asked skaters, bladers and BMXers what they'd love to skate/ride, no one knew we'd secured a warehouse so most popular answers tallied were ultimately street based. The flow is kept as circular as we could, no lines forcing you at anyone, few platforms, using the walls/dead space, this is where most of the design/thought went in, especially as we haven't the largest space. Our fairly recent hubba had to go haha, way too big and long, to quote Sharpy "When's Chad Fernandez getting 'ere?"...it got changed into the bank to ledge

Q9 - There is other aspects to the park too isn’t there? (Art classes etc) Can you tell us a bit more about that? What made you want it to be more than just a skate park?

Spit and Sawdust comprises of a café, art space and skatepark. At the heart is the café, we wanted to provide good quality/honestly priced food, affordable by all, our menu is hand made, the meat & eggs we use are organic and collected weekly from a local farmers market and all veggie/vegan burgers are made by us as well as chips hand cut & double fried. We've a wood fired oven outside, a drum we cook on, barbecue,  midi ramp outside, alongside outside seating & studio spaces in caravans. There's 3 studio spaces inside & a shared artist space too, the art programmed is continuously changing, exhibitions in cafe, large installations in the skatepark, residencies our billboard outside as well as gigs, operas, life drawing, open jams, open studios, basically however we can use the space...and then there's the skatepark itself.

Q10 - Aside from the park you are pretty well known for making some of the funniest/sickest videos, are you still doing that too? Anything for us to look forward?

Haha, you're very kind, none of my vids would be anything without skaters willing to trust me & mess about in the name of skateboarding. Latest was a skateboard related Deliveroo spoof... Deliverad on 'Washer 2'  The kingpins that are Cardiff Skateboard Club have been holding 'Washer' video premiere's every 4-5 months, screening local talent and local film makers, in a pub, with tens of adults shouting at a screen...just like the good old days! 1&2 have been & now available online through the legends that are Vague mag, the third is coming around May time. 
Thank you Liverpool! We'll be up in the Summer!!!!!


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