Macca - One Glove Show - 10.05.20

“I’ve been having to do my shows from my living room which isn’t ideal but it does add a certain atmosphere when going live. I think the thing I’m missing most right now is being in the NTS studio in Dalston to be honest. But we persevere...
This months show has defo got a Dub & Lover’s vibe to it. Some obscure 45’s & LP’s mixed in with some classic 80’s b-sides, a banging scouse project (out to Moon) and a nod to 25 years of Mobb Deep’s “The Infamous”. 

The show is dedicated to the memory of our mate, Ben Raemers. I’ll never forget driving a crew of the lads up from London to Liverpool in a splitter van for the latest shop drop in November 2017. I’d been driving solid for 4 hours, playing all my favourite tunes with them lot fucking about in the back. Next thing, Ben pipes up telling me the tunes are rubbish and can he put some Oasis on. I obviously told him to fuck off but I eventually succumbed before we arrived in town & let him take control of the tunes - terrible taste in music but what a diamond of a lad, you couldn’t say no to him. Much love Benny boy.”  -  Macca


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