Macca - One Glove Show - 12.04.20

A little bit later than usual but during these times who really gives a fuck? not us!
"Half forgot about this show y'know as it was a bit of an emergency wild card just as the Cockblock19 lockdown was about to hit us all hard in the face. I got an email from NTS that they were shutting down the studio (before Boris knew what the fuck to do - the tit) and that I wouldn't be able to go live with my usual show at the studio. Had like 24 hours to think fast so I decided to abandon my usual vibe and reach for old faithful. 
In 2014 I recorded this Illmatic samples mix to toast 20 years of my favourite hip-hop album of all time. I think it was the first time I actually set out to record a mix and put it out. Anyway, it essentially runs through the whole album but the samples are mixed in and there's some belter interview snippets with Nas and the producers for good measure. It's gone down well over the years and I know Mackey has had it on blast on the train many a time so I figured I'd let it play out as my 3rd show on NTS. 
Back to our regular scheduled One Glove programme on Sunday from 12pm till 1pm but in the meantime, bump this."


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