MC Nelson sticks it to 'Sausage Fingers'

Shop favourite, MC Nelson, drops his latest track in support of efforts to protect a section of Calderstones Park in our fair city from the hands of yet another property developer. 

On 14th February, Liverpool City Council's planning committee voted in favour of an application to build 51 luxury homes on part of the Calderstones/ Harthill Estate. In this development, 12.9 acres of one of Liverpool's most loved parks would be lost. Although according to Councillor Richard Kemp 90% of local residents are opposed to the proposals, despite a well attended protest on the day of the planning committee's visit and over 1000 letters of objection, the Mayor of Liverpool maintains that everybody is happy with this development.

Currently, just 16% of the Liverpool area is considered to be green space. The austerity measures which the Council maintain justify the sale will inevitably be temporary, but once this green space is gone, it is lost as an amenity to this and future generations. This development sets a dark precedent for the future. 

Sign the petition here and bump that nu Nelson banger. #savecaldies

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