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You’re known for piecing together some insanely long marathon lines. How do you usually go about this? Do you plan the first couple of tricks and just keep going or is it more calculated than that? 

I like finding a good route and figuring out the tricks from there. Sometimes it’s really obvious and comes naturally, other times you have to persevere and make it work. All the lines are pretty calculated for the most part, but the environment around is constantly changing, which is probably the hardest part about filming in a busy city.

Your new shoe is a mid top version of the ever popular 440. Did you specifically ask for more ankle support and are you particular about materials and colours you want to skate in?

I didn’t specifically ask for more ankle support but it’s definitely appreciated in the mid top. My previous 440 colourways were leather and I just loved the way they felt and skated so I wanted to carry that on. I wanted to theme the shoe around autumn and I believe leather suits that, it’s sturdy, lasts long and keeps the feet nice and snug. The all black adds to that as well.

What’s the maddest location suggested for an Atlantic drift trip? If you could pick any skater to be part of that crew, who would it be?

Maddest location suggested, and we actually went was probably Vegas. 14 lads in an air bnb in the desert surrounded by sand and casinos. I can’t believe we survived 2 weeks haha. Any skater? Would have to be Mackey!

Three shoes, three kids! We know you have a part coming out soon on Thrasher filmed by Jake, has your routine for shooting parts and adverts for them changed with each family addition or have you found a happy medium between family life and skate life?

Yeah that part is coming very soon.
The big change is just not being out and about in the streets 24/7. Now when I go out I make sure I have a plan, make the most of the time I have and try to be as productive as I can. It’s lovely though, still get to go hang out with my mates all day, have a bit of fun and call it a job. Sometimes the kids seem a bit baffled when I tell them I’m going to work haha. I’m always trying to find a happy medium with the skate/ family life. Some weeks it’s pissing it down the whole time and I just spend everyday with the kids, then I’ve got a deadline and it’s dry for a week and I’ve got to be out everyday. My Missus is an absolute gem though and holds everything down.


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Weather or not, your latest ad for the NM440H shoe finds you skating the same spot you tail slid back in 2015. Living in London and good spots being skated constantly do you often find your self thinking about what spots you’ve skated that no one has touched since. Do you plan go back or is it more a case of we’re in that zone let’s hit that spot again I might try...... ?

It’s a bit of both really, sometimes we’ll be close to an old spot and check it to see if something else clicks. Lots of the time I’ll just be doing the dishes or something and it will pop into my head, like oh shit maybe I could do that. With the spot from the ad it was more of a case of rub bricking and waxing the fuck out of it so it would grind nicely. Although now I’ve done that a few people have skated it. Maybe time for new spot haha


5-0 into tiled grimness. Photo: Sam Ashley

What’s next for Tom Knox?
Have a couple projects that I’ll get started on soon. Hopefully get on some travelling again when we can, just keep it moving!

Thanks for taking the time Tom, the shoe is fucking sick and we can't wait to see what you've been working on!

Tom's 440H from New Balance Numeric can be purchased now by clicking HERE.

Ollie into even more grimness. Photo: Henry Kingsford


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