Revisiting Andy Evans' Skate Crates

John Dalton, lipslide outside the Walker Art Gallery, 1991. Photo: Kev Banks

The boys at Sidewalk Mag released this amazing Liverpool time capsule filmed by Andy Evans a few years ago and it's a rad one to revisit. The amount of spots no longer with us is pretty depressing but it's sick to see a few that still are. Not sure what i'm trying to say, appreciate what you've got while it's still there? Fuck knows. Anyway, enjoy both parts of this blast from the past featuring Howard Cooke, Adam Cooke, Brian Sumner, Tattoo Al, Joel O'Connor, Olly Todd, David Hopkins, Cactus, Robbie Reid, Kingy, Fez, Paul Clenton and Barry Wong below now. Also highly recommend you re-read Kev and Dalton's joint interview conducted by our good mate Farran Golding HERE which is where I found the above image. 


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