Useless Tapes - Geoff Rowley

The first in our series of brief interviews about skateboarding captured on video is with none other than Scouse legend and Lost Art team rider, Geoff Rowley. We asked Geoff to pick out three of his favourite tapes from our own extensive VHS collection (we sent him a photo of the shelf), to tell us about his favourite part from the vid in question and what exactly he finds so rad about it. Here's what Geoff had to say;

"1) Welcome To Hell
2) Streets on Fire
3) Debunker

1) Ed Templeton - I skated with Ed a bunch during the filming for his part so I got to see a lot of the tricks firsthand. At this point in time Ed was incredible and skated almost every single day. I love the style, trick selection, music and energy of his skating in this part - not to mention the style and timeless creativity.


2) Natas Kaupas - This part made California look like the best place to skate in the world! Natas was way ahead of his time with some of the tricks in this part and he had a very unique style. Like a surfer mixed with Venice style! I loved it and had quite a few Natas boards when I first started.

3) Corey Chrysler - Corey Chrysler nailed this part. At a time when most pros had small wheels and skated pretty slow Corey came in like a storm with huge gaps, fast skating and a fuck you style that was rad! Alan Peterson was rad in this video also. Always loved his skating." - Geoff Rowley

Thanks Geoff for taking the time.


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