Useless Tapes - Russ 'Weasel' Longmire

Mid dig stand up grind, Newbird. Photo: Kingy

The latest instalment of our Useless Tapes series is with Mersey Grit mastermind, Sketchstance scrawler and front rock aficionado, Russ 'Weasel' Longmire. Our original plan was to make this a bi-weekly series (possibly weekly) but you know how so called "plans" tend to go. At first he picked at least nine tapes from our collection to discuss, but Russ' hyperactive sensibilities and attention to detail would have made the piece too long so he narrowed it down to three. We knew Russ would dig deep into his vast wealth of skate knowledge to bring us something special and he didn't disappoint. This one was well worth the wait so check out some of Russ' "Memory Brain Stains" below now. Big thanks to Russ for taking the time, you can support Mersey Grit through this link HERE.

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