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MC Nelson 'Stepmother' Video Premiere @ Lost Art - Sat 7th April / 7-11pm

Liverpool has been blessed with its fair share of killer MC's and hip-hop acts over the years.  The late 80's/early 90's gave us Bantu (you can cop their 1991 white label promo 12" on Discogs for a couple of quid), the mid to late 90's gave us First In Command (their album Pest Control got released retrospectively on Chopped Herring Records - ya can grab that on Discogs for upwards of £30), and then there's the likes of Tony Broke, Lee Scott and Bang On. Fast forward to present day and there's one MC on the come up who's got us like "fuckin ell this kid is dope" and that cat is known as MC Nelson. Having had a strong...

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