NB# presents the NM 440 Colo(u)rs by Tom Knox

Backside 5050 on a virgin hubba. Photo by Henry Kingsford.

The boy Tom Knox just got himself a banging new colourway for Numeric's 440 shoe. The launch of Tom's shoe at OG Lost Art family member (and all round top lad), Chris Johnson's new pub The High Cross, absolutely went off. Many beers were consumed, the best pork pies we've ever had were eaten, scraps were almost had (looking in your direction Charlie and Cam), it was an all round rad fucking night. If you find yourself in the Tottenham area of London, be sure to have a pint in The High Cross, tell them Lost Art sent you. Big props to Chris for being the best host and congratulations to Tom for smashing it always. Check the vid below now and stay tuned for more info on the shoe very soon. Lines for days!


NB# presents the NM 440 colo(u)rs by Tom Knox from New Balance Numeric on Vimeo.


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