Yardsale Premier

So last week we ventured down to the big smoke to see Yardsale's latest offering. These boys have been killing it for a few years already from the streets of London to the bright lights of Los Angeles and with their latest addition being Scouser-on-loan Charlie Birch we thought attendance was mandatory!

No fucking about these boys are definitely flying the flag for British skateboarding and they are doing it in style.

Have a look through our gallery from the London prem and keep scrolling for a small interview with Charlie about his life since he made the move down to the capital.

Dont forget our premier of the video is 21st July (thats today) at 6:30pm in sotore, GET THERE!!

The boy grew up, how long have you been down in London?

C: I've been in London since last September so quite a few months now but I had been visiting my auntie, who lives in London, a lot before i moved down so I already had a lot of friends which made moving a lot easier    

What brought you down here?

C: The main reason I moved was for the skating for sure and the pure fact that i loved the city and wanted to experience living somewhere else than the amazing city of Liverpool, also I new I wanted to go to university as well so I thought it would be good to do the both of them in London which would make it a bit easier for me to skate because i wouldn't have to get a full time job which would probably take up all my time.

You were up and down here alot to skate growing up, did that influence your decision to move down?

C: yeah definitely as i said i had made a lot of friends from doing this and growing up in liverpool the spots got a bit boring as i was skating the same ones all the time so a fresh city to skate in was very attractive hahaha.

How was it working at the palace park? How did that come about?

C: it was so sick having the opportunity to be able to work at the park and i was very appreciative of that, and being able to work with the lads that i did was also a bonus. That park was so fun to skate! 

You ended up on yardsale not long after that though, is that right? How did that happen?

C: yeah thats right, i was skating the park a lot and was seeing dan and the yardsale boys down there and was just skating with those guys. I ended up filming a few clips with dan because he was making a video at the park and he must have liked them and later ask me if i would be down to join the crew, which was a pleasure, and i was obviously like yeah for sure hahaha.  

So we are down for the Premier of the Yardsale video tonight, you know how long they have been filming for it?

C: Im not too sure but i think it was like nearly a year or something maybe a bit less but im not too sure because i only got involved kinda recently.

And how long have you been involved?

C: So as i got on the lads went to LA for a month and i think they might have got back like half way through April or something so as soon as they got back i was out filming with them as much as i could.

How has it been slotting into the team? It seems like a pretty close knit group, sometimes that can be hard to penetrate?

C: i mean i think i have fitted in pretty well becauase i was like already mates with the lads anyway so it wasn't like a whole new crew that i needed to get to know? They are all legends so i reckon it would be hard not to get on with them hahaha.

By the sounds of it the trips get pretty gnarly, how does it compare to say an NB trip?

C: Completely different hahaha, ive only been on two proper trips with the YS boys which was to Paris and they were wild, we literally went out drinking like every night which was mostly us tryna get girls hahaha but they were for sure the best trips ive ever been on, apart from us breaking down on the drive back from Paris both times we went, but i like NB trips just as much as its nice to chill sometimes and the guys are legends haha. 

How do you feel about your footage for this video? Have you seen it?

C: Havent seen it yet but its probably gonna be shit.

Do you get much input on whats in there, clips, music etc? Or are pretty hands off with that stuff?

C: I didn't choose my song or nothing i just did the skating hahaha i trust dan to make it look sick.

Any plans for after this? You got anymore video projects on the horizon?

C: we are always working on something so as soon as the video is out we will be working on the next one for sure and i think some trips and stuff will come around through out the year so im looking forward to it.

Thats all anyway, enjoy the night, Cheers mate!! 

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